Class Schedule

Birth Boot Camp is a 10 week course, so it is best to start class when you are 20-28 weeks. If you are past 28 weeks or the class has already started, it's not too late! Contact me to discuss alternative options! Registration is limited to 5 couples per class.

Comprehensive Education

There is currently no classes scheduled but all classes can be arranged privately!

Winter/Spring 2019: TBA

*All class schedules are subject to change.

Class Price

A non-refundable deposit of $50 to is necessary to register for any class over $100 and $25 deposit for classes $100 or less with the remainder to be paid by the first day of class and is non-refundable thereafter.


Comprehensive Education: $375 

Hospital Birth: $250

Out-of Hospital: $200

Food & Fitness: $125


Comfort Measures: Coping with Labor: $125

Reboot Refresher Class: $100


Homecoming: New Recruit: $100


Siblings Class: $60

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Online Classes:

For the couples who cannot sign up for a live class or do not live in the Estes Park area, online classes might be right for you!

Sign up by clicking below.

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Natural Birth Class Cheyenne

“Whenever and however you give birth,

             your experience will impact your emotions,            

        your mind, your body, and your spirit                                                                         for the rest of your life.”


                                                                 ~ Ina May Gaskin