Birth Boot Camp

Childbirth Education

          Birth Boot Camp is the BEST childbirth education for today's couples to take together in preparation for the birth they want and the care of a newborn baby! Join a class with other moms and dads in this fun and safe learning environment. The most popular class is our Comprehensive Birth Boot Camp Education Course which spans 10 weeks to cover an extensive and thorough curriculum, meeting all your needs! 

Who should take Birth Boot Camp?

This class is for all first time moms AND dads as well as couples who have never had an un-medicated birth before. If you feel overwhelmed and lost in the birth arena, then it's time to allow Birth Boot Camp to inform you about the natural birth process and empower your decision making so that you can welcome your newest family member in a most memorable way. 

What are students saying about Birth Boot Camp?

What if I'm unsure about natural birth?

The very first class is discussing why anyone would want a natural birth. Before you decide you want an epidural, learn and understand the benefits and risks of all options. Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time and despite what our culture says and what we see through the media about birth, your body is not only capable of giving birth naturally but the experience can actually be a wonderful and enjoyable process! But just like many things that are worthwhile, birth is hard work, and takes knowledge and preparation to be ready for it.


















What materials are provided?

When you sign up for the Comprehensive Birth Boot Camp

Education course, you will receive:

   ~ 160 pg. comprehensive training manual

   ~ Breastfeeding video: The Ultimate MRE

   ~ Official Birth Boot Camp tote, pen and cup

   ~ Opportunity to attend a class reunion


What happens if we need to miss a class? 

If you sign up for our live comprehensive course series in Estes Park, but need to miss a class, we are able to arrange for you to have access to the online classes to ensure you receive all information.


Are there any other classes offered?

Yes! Our most popular class is the Comprehensive Birth Boot Camp Education, however there are selective classes available for your specific needs. Read list of all classes offered.


The current national average of cesarean births is 32.3% as stated by the CDC with some states having an average as high as 40%. The World Health Organization states that cesarean rates for cases in which they are truly medically necessary should only be between 10%-15%. Find out how Birth Boot Camp can lower your chances of a cesarean section here.

What are providers saying about Birth Boot Camp students?
Natural Birth Class Cheyenne

“Whenever and however you give birth,

             your experience will impact your emotions,            

        your mind, your body, and your spirit                                                                         for the rest of your life.”


                                                                 ~ Ina May Gaskin