I am so blessed to be a mother! And to add on top of that, I had a great birth experience to begin motherhood! Of course it didn’t come without it’s challenges, but the things worth the most in life are the ones with the greatest struggle. This simple truth is what I want to share with other women; to educate, encourage, and support them in experiencing a great birth!


I offer natural childbirth education in Estes Park, Colorado through 

Birth Boot Camp. I first started teaching when I lived in Cheyenne; you

can read my interview here! I have a degree in psychology from UW and a certification in massage therapy. My passion is all things health; body, mind and spirit.

I can’t wait to meet you and help you discover

the joys of pregnancy, birth, and bonding with your baby!

With much love,
Natural Birth Class Cheyenne

“Whenever and however you give birth,

             your experience will impact your emotions,            

        your mind, your body, and your spirit                                                                         for the rest of your life.”


                                                                 ~ Ina May Gaskin